Christo Pagan

Fall 2016, Vol. 2, No. 1

Christian Witchcraft as a Spiritual Journey

“There’s no such thing as a Christian Witch.” “You can’t be Christian and Pagan.” “So, since this is about Jesus, can you cast a love spell for me?” “How do you worship Jesus and the devil?” “Do you take apart chickens and goats?” “Is your house haunted?” “You can’t really do spells.” “You’re making Jesus cry.”

Yes, these are all things that actual people have said to me. No, I’m not kidding. And the more questions I answer, the more I am asked. As a Christo-Pagan, a term I discovered when I read ChristoPaganism; An Inclusive Path by Joyce and River Higginbotham, I am connected to all the world’s positive, loving Gods and Goddesses. I know that my actions have helped me connect with Spirit more than going to Sunday service. I’m not suggesting that people who go to Sunday service shouldn’t; I am simply illuminating the fact that God (God and Goddess, Gods, Goddesses, etc….) can be found in more than a building. As many already well know, nature is a wonderful church. So is my living room. And my car. And the metaphysical shops where I join with others to connect for ritual, classes, etc. Anywhere can be a spiritual place. Connect with the Earth. Connect with Above and Below. We ARE Spirit! In The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Claire, I see the beauty of Jesus and how Christianity is not meant to divide people, but to bring them together. There is also a wonderful section about how the Christian and Pagan Holidays/Sabbats are intertwined (and why!). I love to think of baptism as blessing our God and Goddess given divinity. I have come to understand that Jesus came here to understand our humanity, as well as our divinity, and bless us with His divinity and Earth found humanity. So what is a Christian Witch? In my experience, I find it to be Eclectic and individual to the person. So how can I explain it? I don’t want to give history lessons; that’s for people who need to look at how cultures and societies have evolved and how the church came to be powerful. What I can do is tell you what I do. I can’t tell you what another Christian Witch does; that path is their own. However, there are similarities.

I talk to Jesus and thank Him for teaching me that it is always better to do what is right and not what is popular. I understand that there is a connection between Jesus and Horus (along with others…). I go to Native American Pow-Wows and love to join in thanking the Great Spirit. I turn to Ganesh to help me remove obstacles and ask Him to work with the Morrighan so I can power through situations (in turn, I respect the Morrighan and also ask her to work with Ganesh for me; I never assume). I invoke Buddah when I need to just BE; be settled, be quiet, and be OK with it all. When I do attend mass, I find myself in conversation with Spirit that suits me and creates a flow of communication with the Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Saints (many of which are Gods and Goddesses in their own right; the early church used it as a tool to convert those terrible pagans!). I ask my Guardian Angels to hold me up in times of trouble, and keep me in check in times of confident abundance. I ask the Ancestors to take me by the head, heart and hands so I may always be of right thought, pure heart, and correct action. I celebrate Halloween and Samhain, Christmas and Yule……..

I am visited often by positive, loving Ancestors, Angels, Gods and Goddesses. I have also been visited by entities that do not have anyone’s best interest at heart and find myself invoking protection. I smudge and bless. I go ghost hunting (and smudge and bless some more). I anoint candles and roll them in herbs (I burn lots of candles and incense/herbs). I use my tools and materials (and sometimes that’s nothing more than my head, heart and hands!) to cast spells (which is truly just a very powerful prayer!), ask for assistance, and help others (and you can never help others enough!). As sure as I know that when I put properly prepared cookie dough in the oven that I will get cookies, I know that my spells, prayers, intentions, etc. have been heard and are in the process of being answered. When things are prepared and done properly, the results are amazing. I have found deep spiritual assistance, truth, and beauty in my own home, with my loved ones, and in my safe places and spaces where I feel confident my path is understood (although not always agreed with). I thank Gods when the Sun comes up for their direct, powerful strength, knowledge, and unconditional love. I thank the Goddesses when the Moon shines (and in its darkness) for my intuition, wisdom, strength of heart, and unconditional love. I’ve changed words to traditional prayers to make sure no loving Spirits or Deities are excluded.

I do my best to balance my Chakras. I use a pendulum, runes, and cards. I have a coffee grinder whose sole purpose is for grinding herbs. I have always had an affinity for black birds and cats; understanding that my Spirit Animals have things to show me. I love learning from those who have been adept at their craft for a very long time. The local spiritualists, witches, and metaphysical connections I’ve made are like rock stars; I am always learning something new each time I have an interaction. I meet new people and make new connections in a community where I feel safe to be myself.

That’s what I do. I am a Christian Witch. It’s not a full description of my personality, likes and dislikes, or my whole self. But it’s a beginning of a conversation. I’m sure many out there will have questions and comments of their own. Blessed Be, my unknown friends.