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3rd-i is a web engineering, information technology, and forensic computer science company located in the midwest.

Its capabilities include digital strategy, project management, platform independent web design and development (PIWD), business analysis, and quality assurance in accordance with the Six Sigma standard of excellence.

3rd-i's core business service is to engineer websites that are platform independent, dynamic or static, easier to use, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, search engine-friendly, visually asthetic and interactive. As digital strategists and business analysts, we solve problems through refining technology and quality assurance.

Though the core business service is to design and develop websites, 3rd-i also helps to streamline workflow processes through the automation of redundant tasks. Streamlining these processes allows entities to better leverage time, people and other valuable resources. This results in lowering the bottom line when it comes to the cost of doing business, which contributes to the continual growth of the entity. We help organizations reach a wider audience through digital marketing and the integration of social media platforms. We offer an array of additional services that range from statistical analyses and data visualization, to webpage, data and password recovery, to virus removal and tune-ups.

From inception, 3rd-i primarily served nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Past clients include NASA, Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois Medical District, Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago Technology Park, Victorious Women Veterans, and Saint Xavier University. 3rd-i's portfolio includes leptpm.gfsc.nasa.gov (NASA/NEAR Mission), Globus.org (which later evolved into the Cloud), techpark.com, bitmapchicago.com and vwvets.com.

3rd-i has now branched off to support small local businesses ranging from biotechnology firms to restaurants, to bowling alleys to insurance agents and sole proprietors.

Our consulting services fund our R&D lab which focuses on transitioning our corporate headquarters to run on solar and wind engergy, and to engineer RFID technologies and other patentable inventions and copyright creations.

When you rely on 3rd-i, you can expect rapid results, responsiveness, competence, professionalism, an eye for design, quality assurance, and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and the integration of social media platforms.

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  Mission Statement

3rd-i.info seeks to facilitate the ability of small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and private individuals, to engage the internet community through their own unique domain name, in a capacity such that they may participate in e-commerce, telecommunication, and the dissemination of web-based information. 3rd-i.info further seeks to promote the growth and successfulness of these entities and individuals, in an endeavor to elevate local commercialization and mercantilism.

3rd-i.info's highly-skilled consultants serve hundreds of clients nation-wide. 3rd-i.info provides its services at competitive rates and engages in on-going research into the rapid evolution of "all things internet". 3rd-i.info is privately-held and is not funded by donations, advertising or sponsorship. Business Partners, consultants and clients contribute to the continual growth of the entity and it's services.

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  Social Concern

3rd-i is proud to support the active community participation of our employees and business entity through our Small Business Saturday and Employee Community Outreach programs. Our employees donate their time as coaches, mentors, volunteers, and board members by contributing to fundraising initiatives, or lending their skills and talent to local community, small business and industry organizations. To underscore the importance of giving back to the community, 3rd-i grants employees one paid volunteer day per month to engage the community or to participate in a community event with the charity, small local business, or non-profit organization of their choice. 3rd-i also sponsors individual and group participation in a variety of community-based events. The objective is to make a positive social impact on the world by encouraging merchantilism through helping government agencies, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), and small local businesses to more efficiently meet the objective of engaging their respective target audiences. We use our business platform as a distribution channel for positive social impact, and through our employees and business entity, endeavor to make the affected local communities safer, stronger, better places to live and work.

3rd-i is an advocate for environmental conservation. As stated in our Carbon Footprint policy, our promotional and reference materials are accessible through 3rd-i's corporate website though they are available in printed format upon request. We opt for digital as opposed to paper proposal submissions, and we avoid meetings and travel if we can accomplish the same thing through a teleconferencing client such as WebEx or GoToMeeting. We are strong proponents and practitioners of the reduce, reuse, and recycle philosophy. We encourge our staff to telecommute for half of the year because we care about this world and society and are doing our part to lead by example. Earth Day is a major event.

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Christine Mouser
Chief Executive Officer
VP Infrastructure
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Technology Officer

General Counsel
Senior Vice President, Product Commercialization
Vice President, Service Delivery

Vice President, Marketing
Vice President, Human Resources
Director, Business Development

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Christine Mouser
Available Upon Request
Available Upon Request

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