I am just starting out in business.
    We will work with you to develop a visually asthetic website within your budget that is scalable - so that it can grow as your business or other entity grows. Your site will also be platform independent so that it can be viewed from any current device with any updated browser. We will help you select a domain name and set up your server.

    I have an existing website.
    We can maintain and update your existing site, or we can completely redesign your website to make it compatible with the range of internet devices and browsers in use today.

    Can I keep track of the visitors to my website?
    Yes. Visitor Statistics and Traffic Reporting logs are generated that can tell you how many visitors you have had, what time they visited, what part of the world they are from, how long they viewed and interacted with your site, which pages they viewed during their visit to your site, etc.

    Your website is your property.
    You are the owner of your website.  When we register your domain, the person you designate will be listed as the owner, as well as the administrative and billing contact.

    Price Guide
    For a professionally produced website, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.  These prices vary depending on the complexity and features of the site.

    Itemized charges:

    1. Site Layout Architecture and Platform Independent Custom Web Design

      • 1st page: $350

      • Subsequent pages: $250 each

      • All content and copy must be provided and spell checked by client.

      • Additional Miscellaneous rates -

        $60 per hour billable in 15 minute increments:

        1. Copy writing, editing, custom graphics and scanning.

        2. Post-project completion tasks - updates, modifications, programming and other work.

        3. More substantial changes such as site re-design will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    2. Domain Name Registration

      Renewals billed separately by registrar: $25 or less par anum.

    3. Server Setup: $25

    4. Annual Domain Web Hosting

      • 1 year: $144

      • 2 year: $268

      • 3 year: $372

    5. Mirrored Site Backup: $12 per year

    6. Offline Archival Backup: $12 per year

    7. Yearly Website Management and Maintenance

      * Includes web hosting, backup, archive, and record keeping.

      • 1 year: $175

      • 2 year: $300

      • 3 year: $400

    8. Social Media Paring: $40 per site

    9. Advertising

        Campaign length: 1, 7 or 14 days

        $30 : reach between 3,900 - 10,000 people

        $210 : reach between 39,000 - 100,000 people

        $2,010 : reach between 390,000 - 1,000,000 people

        Other increments available, pricing is available upon request

        Available target market: 110,000,000 persons

    10. Press Release: $40 each

    11. Email Blast

        Initial setup: $60 per hour

        Blast Transmission: $10 per 500 recipients

    Things you may have that would be helpful:
    We will work with you to produce a functional and attractive website that looks exactly the way you want it to. If you already have logos, photos, brochures, flyers, newsletters or other artwork that pertains to your business or organizaton, we would need those. Alternatively, if you need help creating marketing and advertising materials, we can do that to. While your site is under development, we will publish it on the internet so that you can give us your input every step of the way.

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