Platform Independent Web Design and Development Services

Automated processes are engineered into the server side of the site to detect browser, device and screen resolution, and then the most optimized format for that combination of parameters is emulated onto the computer, smart phone, tablet or laptop in use.

In 2005 Mobi introduced a top-level domain (.mobi) which was intended to force sites to comply with mobile web standards. Entities that had internet websites had to have a top-level domain (.com, .edu, .gov) for their main website, and then they had to have a separate .mobi top-level domain for the mobile version of their site.

our motto is: One Site Fits All.

Web Design and Development Services Provided
  • Platform Independent Web Design
  • HTML Programming
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Interactive Programming
  • Server-Side Architecture
  • Client-Side Layout
  • Maintenance
  • Scripting
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia
How It Works:

Example 1: Computer vs Tablet vs Smartphone
Example 2: Computer vs Tablet vs Smartphone

Example 3: Smartphone vs Tablet vs Computer

Example 3: Device Specific Pixel Width

Platform Independent Web Design Is The Best Choice For You